Hereford Variations


Hereford Variations is a set of fifteen organ pieces by Peter Stoltzfus Berton, inspired by the life and works of the priest and writer Thomas Traherne (1636-1674), as commemorated in the stained glass windows by Tom Denny (2007) at Hereford Cathedral.

This forty-minute, readily excerptable meditation for Lent or Eastertide was composed in 2013-2014, inspired as well by Elgar's Enigma Variations, the thrilling "Father" Willis organ of Hereford Cathedral, and the digital virtual model of the instrument used during composition.

On the top of this page are the links to an introductory booklet of Program Notes, to a dedicated page for each of the Variations with history, audio and score samples, and to the primary sources of inspiration for this project.

The score samples of Variations 9 (a "Nimrod" on Pange Lingua) and 11 (essentially a brief thematic modulation) are printable for free temporary use and paired with complete recordings. The other scores and recordings are abridged in minor ways to prevent piracy (arrrrrgh...).

Enjoy the music!

Hereford Cathedral Elgar statue photograph by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral. Hereford Cathedral organ console photography courtesy of Lavender Audio